Are your parts Original Apple or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)?

Unfortunately, Apple does not sell parts to the public. Our replacement parts are the same grade and quality as the original parts.

What is the difference between a standard repair and an OEM repair?

The standard repair is a high quality aftermarket screen. The digitizer which controls the touch function is built into the glass meaning in the event of a glass crack, the touch may not work perfectly.

The OEM repair is a refurbished Apple lcd. This repair carries a higher brightness than our standard screens. The digitizer on an original Apple lcd is built into the lcd, not the glass. That means in the event of a glass crack, the touch will still function flawlessly.

Can you perform a glass repair on an aftermarket screen?

Unfortunately due to the design of aftermarket screens, we cannot perform glass only repairs on them.

What if I send in an aftermarket screen for glass repair?

We will place your device on hold and contact you. You will be given options for lcd replacement or to have your device sent back unrepaired.