After dropping my phone it has become unresponsive to touch, does the glass repair fix this issue?

That varies between manufacturers. Apple and Samsung devices for instance, have the digitizer (which senses touch) built into the display. Thus, a glass repair would not fix an unresponsive touch issue on these devices.

How do I know if I need the LCD repair or not?

If the actual screen of the phone is bleeding, white, or has any dead pixels then you’re going to need to select the LCD & Glass option as the LCD has suffered irreversible damage.

The glass on my iPhone is completely shattered and is chipping off, is the glass replacement service all I need?

Yes, as long as the display and touch functions are working 100%. The glass replacement service will replace the entire glass face, so the extent of the damage to the previous glass does not matter.

Do you offer any type of warranty on your repairs?

Yes, all repairs carry a 1 year PARTS and LABOR warranty which means if you have any issues related to the repair within 1 year we will take care of it free of charge! For mail in repairs, the customer is responsible for shipping to our service center. We use a proprietary marking system in each repair we do to ensure verification for warranty claims. For full device repairs, the device must show no signs of tampering, water, or physical damage of any kind.