Do you own a repair facility?

Are you looking to offer glass repairs to your clients? We can help. Refurbishing your LCDs gives you the unique ability to undercut your competitors offering a higher quality repair at the same or lower price. Our discount program starts at 10 LCDs, mix and match. Fill out the form below to receive details about our business to business program.

We have all been there. We purchase aftermarket iPhone LCDs for our customers. They complain about brightness, touch issues, and brittle design. Refurbishing your OEM Apple LCD assemblies guarantees the highest quality part for your clients at a lower price than even the aftermarket replacements available.

Do you resell devices?

We offer full quality control programs for our reseller clients. Each device is fully tested prior to sending back to ensure your devices are sale ready upon arrival back to you. Comprehensive invoicing shows you what we repaired, what we didn’t, and refusal of devices deemed not economical to repair. If we cannot make it sale ready, we don’t repair it.

Business clients also receive priority over our ebay and other clients. You will receive an account representative who is ready to answer questions about your order at any time.